The Mary's Garden

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My sister, my spouse, is a garden enclosed, a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed up. (Canticles 4:12)
The land that was desolate and impassable shall be glad, and the wilderness shall rejoice, and shall flourish like the lily. (Isaias 35:1)

As the vine I have brought forth a pleasant odour: and my flowers are the fruit of honour and riches. (Ecclesiasticus 24:23)

I was exalted like a palm tree in Cades, and as a rose plant in Jericho. (Ecclesiasticus 24:18)

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they labour not, neither do they spin. But I say to you, not even Solomon in all his glory was clothed like one of these. (Luke 12:27)

...Hear me, ye divine offspring, and bud forth as the rose planted by the brooks of waters. Give ye a sweet odour as frankincense. Send forth flowers, as the lily, and yield a smell, and bring forth leaves in grace, and praise with canticles, and bless the Lord in his works. (Ecclesiasticus 39:17-19)

I am the flower of the field, and the lily of the valleys. As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. As the apple tree among the trees of the woods, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow, whom I desired: and his fruit was sweet to my palate. He brought me into the cellar of wine, he set in order charity in me. Stay me up with flowers, compass me about with apples: because I languish with love. (Canticles 2:1-5)

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